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VISA extension

 Kamakura International Legal Service announce that we will provide VISA extension service for 20,000 yen~. You could outsource your VISA extension to us and spend your time for something more productive.



Who could use our Service?


 We handle almost all of VISA extension other than refugee applicants.


How you should contact


If you would like to use our service, you need to contact us through e-mail. We’ll send you some questions and determine whether we could move for VISA extension directly. If we found the possibility that your VISA extension might be rejected, we recommend you to take for consultation


Why we provide the service like this


 As an Immigration Law Practitioner, I think VISA extension is one of the few points to find whether there is no issue on your Immigration status. But most people do not hire Immigration Law Practitioners (Gyoseishoshi, Bengoshi).

 We want more people to use our service and get chance to check your condition. That is why we provide the service from lower cost.



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