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How we proceed your cases 

 Most clients have no idea how their application is proceeded and how their Immigration Law Practitioner handle their cases. But clients can’t find whether their Immigration Law Practitioners are credible. In this page, We’ll let you know how our firm handle your cases.



  1. Contact from you

 If you have concern regarding your VISA. First step is to contact to us. Our firm will give you general advice based on information you gave me.


2, Consultation


 When you want to proceed your application with us, the next step is to take consultation. 


  1. Contract and payment of initial payment 


 If you decided to use our service to get your VISA, we will ask you to sign the form and pay initial payment.


  1. Preparation for your application


 Immigration Lawyer(Gyoseishoshi) Daichi Ito will prepare for your case. He will show you what kinds of documents you need to get by yourself. Daichi will prepare documents to prove your eligibility of getting VISA with his knowledge on Immigration Law and his expertise on the procedure.  


  1. Submitting your application to Immigration Bureau


 Daichi is authorized to submit your application to Immigration Bureaus. You don’t have to a day to go to Shinagawa or Yokohama to submit your documents.


  1. Payment of fee after you get permission 


 It is after you get permission to pay fee to our firm. You don’t have to pay the fee when you get rejection.

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