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Mission of My office

 Daichi has been studying at Hosei University in Tokyo which has accepted international students from around the world including the US, the UK, China, South Korea and Israel. Daichi has been surrounded with the passionate students who has not hesitated to challenge in Japanese Society. One of his friends started his start-up for language education in Shinzyuku. That environments gave him passion to assist the challengers from other countries in Japan.

 After he passed the exam for Administrative Solicitor(Gyoseishoshi), he joined a Tokyo based Volunteer Group which assist foreign citizens who work in Japan and refugee applicants.

 My mission as an Immigration Law Practitioner is to assist foreign citizens to start their life smoothly. You can get sophisticated service to get VISA smoothly in reasonable costs he does not reject request for consultation from anyone, spend his time to find the solution and give them simple guide through the legal structure of complicated Immigration Law in Japan. So, if you need help, contact with him freely and ask for consultation.

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