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What to do when Permanent Resident try to invite their spouses

Hi, I’m Daichi Ito, the Immigration Law Practitioner (Gyoseishoshi) form Kamakura International Legal Service(行政書士鎌倉国際法務事務所). After getting Permanent Residence, you might get married with your loved one and have the children. They also want to invite their wives and children to live together in Japan. So, what to do when Permanent Residents want to live with their family.

1. Spouse VISA

First thing to know is that your spouse could get Spouse and Child of Permanent Resident (“Spouse VISA”) if you are Permanent Residents, your spouses could apply for Spouse VISA. One of feature of Spouse VISA is that Spouse VISA holders have no limitation on working activity in Japan. So, Spouse VISA holders could engage in any works and has no limitation on work hours while Dependents VISA holders who are spouses of working VISA holders need to get pert-time permission and could work for 28 hours per week.

2. Is it easy to get Spouse VISA

It depends on your situation. But Some of my clients visit my office after they feel that they have to submit various documents to apply for Spouse VISA. One of the documents is “Questionnaire(質問書)” you need to write “How you get to know each other”, ”When you get married with your spouse” , “description of your previous marriage”... other things about your marriage. Unfortunately, there are so many applications that Immigration Bureau suspect to be fake marriage to get Spouse VISA illegally.

3.What to do to get Spouse VISA

If your spouses live in outside of Japan, you need to apply for Certificate of Eligibility (COE) for your spouse to an Immigration Services Bureau. After you get COE, your spouses have to get entry VISA from an Embassy of Japan.

If your spouse’s live in Japan with residential status, you need to apply for change of residential status to an Immigration Services Bureau. You could find what kinds of documents you need to submit from the following website.

4.Making copies sometimes save your life

Most people who have no issues on their living in Japan rarely get rejection over their spouse VISA applications. But some people get rejections then visit my office. I think it’s better to think of the plan for re-application. One advice is that you should make the copies for the documents which you submit to an Immigration Bureau. Because once you submit the documents, the Immigration Bureau does not return the documents unless you apply for disclosure procedures. The disclosure may take a month and cost you fee.

This is why I recommend you to make the copies when you try to apply for Spouse VISA of your spouses. That makes it easier to find the reason you get rejection

Daichi Ito

Immigration Law Practitioner(Gyoseishoshi)


After graduating the Faculty of Law of Hosei University in Tokyo, Daichi Ito stated Kamakura International Legal Service(行政書士鎌倉国際法務事務所) and specialize in Immigration procedures and naturalization. Now He mainly handle PR application for various clients from highly skilled professionals to spouse VISA holders.

Office Address: 124 Zyuniso, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa-ken

Office Hour; 9:00~17:00 Monday-Friday


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